Fork Finance will launch Genesis Farm on 24th April 12:00 UTC

Introducing Fork Finance

Defi has the ability to offer the financial solution in every category. But users today have to face with plenty of bad things like rug pulls which is coming with the fast development of Defi. To solve the problems like code vulnerability, short life period and boring(of course we come to defi world for fun), our team created fork finance.

Enter Fork Finance, the new elegance and ambitious protocol.

The Inspiration and of Fork Finance

There are lots of new launchpad like projects on Binance Smart Chain recently. But these projects always had a very high threshold to participate their IDO(initial dex offering), users usually have to suffer from the token dump during the snapshot period before IDO, Plus, some IDO projects always hit the highest price when initial liquidity be added on Pancakeswap. In order to create a more safety and fair IDO, we have combined the farming and IDO at the same time.

How does Fork Finance work?

First, we have to answer this question “What we do to create Fork different from others projects?”

We have built a protocol controlled funds called “To the Moon Fund” through seed round sale and whitelist&public sale to prevent $Fork from being dumped all the time and all “To the moon Fund” belong to the $Fork hodlers. Part of earnings created by the startup projects in Fork Finance will add to the “To the Moon Fund” directly. And of course, to maintain the “decentralize” of our protocol, we add the timelock at the early stage. But our devs will work hard to move the single owner of “To the Moon Fund” to the multisig, and in the future, the $Fork holders have the right to vote with $Fork token to use the “To the Moon Fund” in the different ways like buy back, marketing and integrating with other projects.

There is another token called $Check in our protocol, $Check is a middleware token in our protocol. Since we don’t know in the future what other projects will come to integrate with us, with the $Check token you could swap the $Check to the startup new projects‘ tokens in the Fork Finance. All $Check token will be burned after the swap to new token period.

The New Tokenomics of Fork Finance

Comparison of old and new economic models

To make fork finance a long term project, we decide to build a more robust tokenomic to make sure the $FORK holder will not suffer from the huge inflation from the yield farming period.

  1. The presale $FORK token amount remains same, All unsold amount will be burnt after the IDO. (Thanks for all participant)
  2. There are no more yield farming for $FORK now, but there are 40% token remains for community treasure. Community could raise some proposals to use treasure to build the a more strong community.
  3. $FORK is core token in our protocol, we will buy back and burn $FORK to maintain the price with the earnings.
  4. You could use $FORK to farm $CHECK as well as new project coming later.
  5. 20% is distributed by IDO.
  6. 25% will be distributed by IDFO.

$Fork token is governance token.

FORK token distribution breakdown

The total initial supply of FORK is 3,760,000. The token distribution breaks down as follows:

  • 40% DAO treasury(determine by community in the future)
  • 25% First IDFO
  • 20% To the moon fund (IDO)
  • 9% Dev share (lock 6 month)
  • 6% Strategic Fund

$CHECK token is middleware token.

CHECK token distribution breakdown
  • 10% IDFO Fund
  • 90% Staking Rewards

The core principle of the IDFO Fund is to encourage more participants to find and fork high-quality projects for IDFO.

As a cashable check, it is distributed fairly to the users participating in IDFO.

New Tokenomics Transparency

Old Total Supply: 18800000.

New Total Supply: 3760000.

Will Burn $FORK: 15040000

Fair Launch Farming

To make sure we give everyone enough preparation time, we will start our rewards distribution on block 6845080 (approximately 24th Apr 12:00 UTC time)

Points are allocated as follows:

Since we want to keep the $Fork token valuable, so there is no farming for any $Fork, you could participate our official activities to get the $Fork token.

We will launch our farming on April 24th 12:00 UTC. The distribution plan

CHECK’s Block Rewards Schedule

All deployed contracts will be published here:

What are comming next?

We are aiming to become the best launchpad defi project on the Binance Smart Chain. So, we like to find some new innovation to start in Fork Finance. Also, with the name of Fork Finance, our team will bring a lot of defi projects like lending & borrowing, dex, algo stable coin and etc to the Fork Finance. The game just began, Stay tune and more interesting news are coming very soon. Hope you have a wonderful journey here with Fork.

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Fork Finance

Fork Finance


A defi factory on Binance Smart Chain that produces defi-project in a yield farming way