Announcement on launching the Trashpad moon project/Dao governance section/community ambassador

Trashpad moon project

Since BSC has been ruled by Meme tokens recently, in order to become a trend in the Token circle, Trashpad is now launched. All meme tokens are welcome to Fork Finance to start IDFO.

Dao governance

Now Fork Finance has launched a preliminary Dao governance section, and users who hold FORK can vote on community proposals. Proposals will be collected from the community every day. Voting rights = the number of FORK holdings of the specified block snapshot.

Community ambassador

The operation of the team has been announced the day before yesterday, so the project is currently governed by the community. Now we are recruiting community ambassadors who are responsible for the maintenance of the community and the announcement of announcements. The community ambassadors will enjoy future team dividends.


The final self-help plan of this project,
The team’s tokens are still locked.
If it doesn’t work, there is nothing we can do.
As developers, we have tried our best.

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A defi factory on Binance Smart Chain that produces defi-project in a yield farming way